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‘Yukthiya’ operation: Another 963 suspects under arrest within 24 hours

A total of 963 more suspects have been arrested by the security forces personnel within a 24-hour window ending at 12.30 a.m. today (Jan.19) as part of the ongoing countrywide anti-drug operation ‘Yukthiya’.

Among the arrestees are 638 suspects who were taken into custody on narcotics-related charges and 325 others who were on the list of wanted criminal suspects.

Detention orders have been secured against 10 drug suspects for further interrogations, and 8 drug addicts who were among the arrestees have been sent for rehabilitation.

Additionally, 25 suspects who were on the list of registered suspects of the Police Narcotics Bureau and the Police Special Task Force have also been arrested during the special police operation.

According to the Ministry of Public Security, the narcotics taken into custody during this 24-hour window include 300g of heroin, 172g of crystal methamphetamine (Ice), 530g of cannabis, 99,209 cannabis plants and 24,083 narcotic pills.

Thereby, more than 41,000 drug suspects and wanted criminals have been arrested thus far since the commencement of the countrywide anti-drug operation on December 17, 2023. The total value of the narcotics seized during the raids stands close to Rs. 5 billion.

source- adaderana



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