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X-Press Pearl disaster: SC calls for report on compensation measures

The Supreme Court on Monday (10 July) ordered that a report on the measures taken to compensate those affected by the X-Press Pearl disaster, and the progress in this regard, be submitted to the court before 15 September.

The relevant order was issued by a Supreme Court bench comprising of Justices Murdhu Fernando, Shiran Gunaratne, Achala Wengappuli and Priyantha Fernando when the case was taken up in court this morning (10).

While the attorney who appeared on behalf the fishing community raised concerns that they are yet to receive compensation for the massive losses suffered due to the X-Press Pearl disaster in 2021, Additional Solicitor General Nerin Pulle, appearing on behalf of the Attorney General, assured that measures are underway in this regard.

Bench chair Justice Murdhu Fernando then ordered that the process in this regard must be expedited, and ordered the lawyers of the fishing community to file the compensation requests before other relevant institutions including the Marine Environment Protection Authority (MEPA).

The relevant petition is due to be called before the court again on 05 and 06 October.

source adaderana

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