With the tussle over appointing a new IGP escalating, C.D. Wickramaratne has been given a three-week extension as the IGP by President Ranil Wickremesinghe.

The extension has been granted as his three-month extension expired on October 09.

Wickramaratne’s term as the IGP ended on June 26 this year after a couple of extensions.

The Sri Lanka Police, responsible for maintaining public law and order and preventing crime and terrorism, has been without an Inspector General of Police (IGP) for four months, while the country faces a rising crime rate that includes shootings and killings in broad daylight. 

The decision to grant a three-week extension to the IGP in Sri Lanka has raised concerns among internal sources within the police department. The short duration of this extension has sparked worries about potential negative impacts on the overall functioning of the department.

One of the main concerns is the uncertainty and lack of continuity in leadership that may arise from such a short extension. This could potentially affect the operational efficiency and decision-making processes within the department, leading to potential disruptions in law enforcement efforts.

The absence of a formally appointed IGP also has the potential to create disruptions within the police department. The IGP plays a crucial role in defining the direction, policies, and strategies for law enforcement, while also maintaining overall stability and security. Without a permanent IGP, there is a risk of a leadership vacuum that could hinder the activities of the police department.

In light of these concerns, several senior officers have reportedly urged the President to expedite the appointment of a strong and capable IGP. They emphasize the importance of having a resolute leader who can effectively combat organized crime and address issues related to the underworld. These calls highlight the pressing need for strong leadership within the police department to confront and mitigate the challenges posed by criminal elements.

It remains to be seen how these concerns will be addressed and whether a permanent appointment for the IGP will be made in a timely manner to ensure stability and effectiveness within the Sri Lankan police department.