The new motor vehicle revenue licence system (eRL2.0), which eases the process of obtaining or renewing revenue licences, is set to come into effect from (07 Oct.), State Minister of Technology Kanaka Herath said.

Speaking at  a press conference held in Colombo, Herath noted that this program will be implemented in all provinces except for the Western Province.

The new system will allow for new revenue licences to be conveniently obtained online, from one’s own home.

The State Minister further revealed that measures are underway to digitise the payment systems of all state institutions by 31 March 2024.

“To improve the efficiency of the public service in this country, as well as to reduce irregularities, the entire public service should be digitized. Therefore, President Ranil Wickremesinghe stated that all government institutions in Sri Lanka should be digitized through the 2023 budget statement.
Nine pilot projects are being implemented by selecting nine government institutions including Divisional Secretariat Divisions, Pradeshiya Sabha, Municipal Councils and District Secretariat Offices, under the digitization of the public service.”,
 the State Minister said in this regard on a previous occasion at the Presidential Media Centre (PMC).