USD buying and selling rates rise at several commercial banks

US dollars into LKR
US dollars into LKR

The selling rate of the US Dollar soared to LKR 335.00 at licensed commercial banks on Wednesday (June 15).

According to the daily exchange rates of several licensed commercial banks, the buying rate of the US Dollar has jumped to LKR 315.00.

The buying and selling rates announced by five licensed commercial banks today are as follows:

   Buying Rate    Selling Rate  
 Bank of Ceylon (BOC)  LKR 315.00 LKR 335.00
 People’s Bank  LKR 313.46 LKR 328.20
 Sampath Bank LKR 311.28  LKR 328.00
 Hatton National Bank (HNB)  LKR 313.00 LKR 330.00
 Nations Development Bank (NDB)  LKR 307.00 LKR 327.00
US dollars into LKR


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