The United States rejected Sri Lankan President Gotabaya Rajapaksa’s recent request for a visa,  The Hindu learns from a top official, amid growing speculation over the besieged leader’s “attempts to flee” the country after promising to quit office.

Mr. Gotabaya, formerly a dual citizen of Sri Lanka and the U.S., gave up his American citizenship ahead of the 2019 elections because of a law that barred foreign nationals from running for the presidency. He won the election with a thumping majority but became, arguably, the country’s most unpopular leader mid-term, amid a severe economic meltdown that is stifling citizens.

“He sought a safe passage to the U.S. after the recent events, but it was denied,” the Colombo-based official said on Tuesday. Mr. Gotabaya’s reported attempt to leave the island follows his decision to resign, prompted by a sensational citizens’ protest on Saturday. Resisting his failed response to the unprecedented economic crisis gripping the island, a wave of protesters stormed the Presidential Secretariat and residence in Colombo in a dramatic escalation of months-long protests demanding that Mr. Gotabaya “go home”.  He was evacuated from his official residence hours before the incident, officials said. However, his whereabouts remain unknown since.

Via Hindu