The Sri Lanka High Commission in Nairobi, Kenya has installed a statue of Lord Gautama Buddha outside the premises of the Chancery building. This is the first time that a Buddha statue has been erected in a public place in Kenya.

LOLC Chairman Ishara Nanayakkara and High Commissioner Veluppillai Kananathan unveiled the statue at an auspicious time on 14July, 2021 in the presence of members of Sri Lanka community in Nairobi. Religious observances including chanting of Gatha, Buddha Pooja and worship were conducted during this event.

“I welcome all of you to the unveiling of the statue of Lord Gautama Buddha this morning. It is a unique occasion as for the first time a Buddha statue is being installed in a public place, in Kenya. It also turns a new leaf in our bilateral relations to demonstrate our Buddhist heritage in Kenya. I take pride to represent Sri Lanka in Kenya and feel blessed to have the installation of Buddha Statue in front of the High Commission premises. I take this opportunity to thank Chairman of LOLC Ishara Nanayakkara for readily agreeing to grace this blessed event.” High Commissioner Kananathan said while addressing the event.

High Commissioner Kananathan addressing the community remarked that the installation of Buddha Statue was done with full support and patronage of the Kenyan government authorities, which paved the way to demonstrate our Buddhist heritage in Kenya. High Commissioner Kananathan further said that the public display of Lord Buddha statue would constantly remind our minds of Lord Buddha’s noble teachings of peace and harmony which was mostly required in all communities, countries and the world.  He concluded that the Lord Buddha’s eternal message of peace and compassion continued to inspire humanity around the world and quoted the Lord Buddha who said “he who experiences the unity of life sees his own self in all beings, and all beings in his own self, with an impartial eye”.

The construction of the shrine was constructed by a renowned Kenyan Sri Lankan Company Mayleen Group. The members of the Sri Lankan community in Kenya and Kenyan friends of Sri Lanka attended the event.

Source – High Commission of Sri Lanka Nairobi / 15 July, 2021