The Festival of Cricket (FoC) 2023 was held at the Hainault Recreation Ground on 09 July 2023 under the patronage of the High Commissioner of Sri Lanka to the United Kingdom.

The FoC, known as the largest community event in the UK and considered as one of the largest in Europe, is a highly anticipated annual social event among the British Sri Lankan community. The FoC brings the largest overseas Sri Lankan community together in the spirit of cricket, spreading good-will and camaraderie. Since its inception in 1989, with Old Boys Associations of six schools, the FoC has grown into a major platform uniting over thirty old pupils’ associations representing a wide range of schools in Sri Lanka.

In her remarks, High Commissioner Saroja Sirisena highlighted that Festival of Cricket is a unique concept which has unified the British Sri Lankan community around all-time favourite sport of cricket. Referring to cricket as the ultimate unifier of people and communities in Sri Lanka, in the UK and around the cricket playing world, she commended the FOC for its inclusivity and celebration of Sri Lankan identity. In addition, High Commissioner Sirisena welcomed the involvement of the FoC in numerous charitable activities including, efforts in raising funds for the advancement of education, and sports at their alma maters, as well as providing aid for the procurement of vital medicines and medical equipment for hospitals in Sri Lanka.

Over 2000 British Sri Lankans from all parts of the UK attended the event. (High Commission of Sri Lanka London)