The Katugasthota Police have started investigations regarding a complaint lodged by a 17-year-old schoolgirl regarding a person allegedly threatening to her by saying that would release nude video on social media including Facebook.

During the investigation carried out by the police, this student has identified a person through TikTok social media. Later, this person made a request to make a nude video call to the student. Accordingly, the student made a video call fulfilling the request and the concerned person recorded the call on his mobile phone. It has been revealed during the preliminary investigation that he has repeatedly threatened to make such calls and if he does not do so, the earlier video will be released on social media.

It has been revealed that the suspect is an army soldier working at Minneriya Army Camp. The arrested suspect is a resident of Mihintalea area who is only nineteen years old.

Police urges children as well as adults to be very careful while using social media through mobile phones to get to know different people and make contact.