A special programme organized by the International Centre for Foreign Studies (ICFS), was held at the Cinnamon Grand Hotel to issue spot admissions to students seeking higher education in foreign countries.

During the event, the opportunity was given to students to get their university admission to the countries including Australia, UK, Canada, New Zealand and Ireland in approximately two hours.

The usual process for admission to a majority of the universities in the above mentioned countries take at least a month to be completed and the admission to be issued.

Following the recent implementation of immigration rule changes by Britain’s Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, there have been limitations placed on accompanying dependents traveling to the UK, effective from the January 2023 intake. Consequently, the September 2023 intake to British universities has now become the final option for applicants seeking to study abroad with their families. Despite the time constraints, this development has brought hope to many participants, as it has allowed them to secure their admissions to universities and fulfill their dreams.

The event was attended by many students and all students who got their admissions confirmed are now able to travel to UK for higher studies with their family in this September 2023 intake.