Two Sri Lankan nationals, identified as father and son, have reportedly drowned in Trebbia, Italy.

According to Italian media reports, the tragedy took place on the afternoon of Saturday 8 July, under the Donceto bridge, near Rondanera beach, in the presence of numerous bathers who crowded the banks of the river. 

The victims, aged 59 and 28, originally from Sri Lanka and who were residing in Piacenza, have been identified as father and son; Lesly Kilaster Tisera Warnakulasuriya and Dulaj Nilanjan Tisera Warnakulasuriya.

The alarm was triggered around 4.30 pm when the disappearance of the two swimmers was reported. 

The firefighters from Bobbio and also the team of divers from Bologna arrived on the spot with the “Drago” firefighters’ helicopter: it was the latter who pulled the two victims out of the waters of the Trebbia. 

The Carabinieri of Rivergaro and the 118 health workers of Bobbio were also in place.

The drowning occurred at the height of the waterfall, at the road viaduct, a point where a hole at least three meters deep forms and whirlpools and currents are created, which can be very dangerous for those who choose to take a bath. 

According to an initial reconstruction, the son would have been the first to find himself in difficulty, while the father would have thrown himself to try to save him: unfortunately, when help arrived on the spot, they had already drowned.

Source – Italian media 

– Agencies