The government has decided to import a total of 1,000 buses and vans to improve the transportation facilities provided to tourists.

Accordingly, in a bid to boost the tourism sector, the Cabinet of Ministers granted approval to a proposal presented by the Minister of Tourism and Lands to import 750 vans and 250 buses.

As per the proposal, 6-15 seater vans, as well as 16-30 seater (small) buses and 30-45 seater (large) buses are planned to be imported, without any special tax relief.

The government says that, although it is considered a custom in the tourist industry that vehicles engaged in the industry for tourist transportation should not be used for more than 6 years, it is apparent that the condition of the vehicles used in the industry is not satisfactory and sufficient.

In a statement, it added that the fame earned by Sri Lanka as a prominent tourist destination is tarnished due to the usage of age-old vehicles as a result of the limitation of vehicles and essential spare parts.

Therefore, the requirement of importing vehicles essential for enhancing the industry has been recognized by the government, considering the contribution to the tourist industry within the economic revival process of Sri Lanka.