Today Sri Lanka records 629 coronavirus cases. According to the Director General of Health Services, total number of fatalities in Sri Lanka increased to 15,055.

Test positivity rate is 6%. Average daily PCR tests record as 7000. Currently there are 12,603 active COVID patients.


Association of Medical Specialist AMS says that the Omicron variant of corona virus is spreading rapidly around the world, and has superseded the Delta variant in most countries. Even with the limited sequencing capacity available, 47 patients infected with Omicron have been detected so far in Sri Lanka. The situation in the West and South Africa shows that it spreads extremely fast.  

In April 2021, many Sri Lankans ignored health precautions and this resulted in a wave of infections due to the much less infectious Alpha variant, and thereafter the Delta variant. Almost 15,000 people died and the hospital capacity was stretched to the limit. In spite of this bad experience, Association of Medical Specialist AMS notes with dismay, that history is repeating itself. Shops, bars, 31st night parties etc. were jampacked. This occurred while the Omicron variant was amongst us. It is therefore inevitable that the Omicron variant will cause a massive wave of infection during the coming weeks.