Upon completion of its facility expansion, the Kankesanturai Harbour was declared open today (16 June), making way for a passenger ferry service between India and Sri Lanka. 

Following the directives of the Commander of the Navy, Vice Admiral Priyantha Perera, the Sri Lanka Navy played a pivotal role in supporting the expansion of the Kankesanturai Harbour facilities by enabling its manpower and expertise, in response to a request of the Ministry of Ports, Shipping and Aviation. 

Accordingly, the project got underway on 01 February, and as part of the project, the Sri Lanka Navy undertook the construction of a passenger terminal for immigration and customs clearance of people who intend to use this passenger ferry service. 

In addition, the Navy also carried out renovation work of the jetty and installation of several other facilities on the premises. Required construction materials for the project were provided by the Sri Lanka Ports Authority.

After expeditious completion of work, under the supervision of Sri Lanka Navy Civil Engineers, the passenger terminal and peripheral facilities were opened on an auspicious note today. 

Fittingly, the port welcomed the luxury cruise MV Empress, sailing with a total of 100 passengers. The Captain of the ship and its crew also joined this milestone event.

Speaking on this occasion, the Minister of Ports, Shipping and Aviation heaped praise on the contribution of the Sri Lanka Navy, for the expeditious completion of construction work, making way for the commencement of the passenger ferry service in record time.

The passenger ferry service project is part of a larger effort to strengthen longstanding ties between India and Sri Lanka, with a focus on improving tourism.

In this effort, the Navy’s involvement not only resulted in significant cost saving, but also expedited the delivery of anticipated project benefits to the public.

source adaderana