Sri Lanka, Kenya in talks to enhance bilateral trade and cooperation


In a significant stride towards enhancing bilateral relations, the High Commissioner of Sri Lanka to Kenya Kananathan and the Prime Cabinet Secretary of Kenya, Musalia Mudavadi held a successful meeting aimed to advance mutual interests in trade, investments and collaboration across various sectors. The discussions underscored the commitment of both nations to foster fruitful partnerships for their economies and peoples. The meeting, held at the Prime Cabinet Secretary’s Office, showcased the commitment of both nations to strengthen ties for mutual benefit.

High Commissioner Kananathan commended Kenya’s impressive economic progress and expressed Sri Lanka’s keen interest in deepening bilateral cooperation. Highlighting Sri Lanka’s strengths, he noted the active involvement of Sri Lankan businessmen in diverse sectors within Kenya. One of the pivotal points of the discussion was the engagement of Sri Lankan entrepreneurs in key sectors of the Kenyan economy. He emphasized that Sri Lankan businessmen were already actively contributing to Kenya’s development landscape, particularly in industries such as apparel manufacturing, renewable energy, tea trading and tea manufacturing and infrastructure.

High Commissioner Kananathan conveyed Sri Lanka’s keen interest in exploring new avenues of economic engagement with Kenya. Emphasizing the rich cultural heritage and strategic location of both nations, he highlighted the opportunities for enhancing trade and investments. The Prime Cabinet Secretary of Kenya reciprocated this enthusiasm and underscored the importance of building stronger economic bridges between the two countries.

Prime Cabinet Secretary Musalia Mudavadi acknowledged the significant role that Sri Lankan investors and businesses play in various sectors in Kenya. He highlighted the potential for further expansion and collaboration, particularly in areas where both countries have expertise and resources to share.

Both agreed on the importance of mutual collaboration to address common challenges and seize emerging opportunities. They identified specific sectors where joint efforts could yield substantial benefits, including agribusiness, renewable energy, and sustainable tourism.

In a display of goodwill and commitment to their shared goals, High Commissioner Kananathan and Prime Cabinet Secretary Musalia Mudavadi announced their intention to establish a joint working group. This group will facilitate regular exchanges of information, explore potential partnerships, and coordinate efforts to maximize the advantages of collaboration.

The successful meeting between the High Commissioner of Sri Lanka and the Prime Minister of Kenya marks a significant milestone in the journey of the two nations towards closer economic and trade ties. With both sides expressing their determination to work towards mutually beneficial outcomes, the future holds promise for a stronger and more prosperous partnership between Sri Lanka and Kenya.

Prime Minister Musalia Mudavadi acknowledged the pivotal role that High Commissioner Kananathan played in enhancing the bilateral relationship between Kenya and Sri Lanka. He highlighted the ongoing initiatives and engagement activities undertaken by the High Commissioner to bridge the geographical gap and strengthen the diplomatic bond between the two countries. High Commissioner Kananathan expressed his gratitude for the Prime Minister’s kind words and affirmed his unwavering commitment to strengthen ties between Kenya and Sri Lanka.

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