Ministry of Technology Sri Lanka joined the Digital Public Goods Alliance as a new member. The DPGA is a multi-stakeholder initiative with a mission to accelerate the attainment of the sustainable development goals in low- and middle-income countries by facilitating the discovery, development, use of, and investment in digital public goods.

The Ministry of Technology is thrilled to be participating in this mission and believes that Sri Lanka’s long history of using DPGs such as DHIS2 in the health sector, and its active role in contributing back to the global DHIS2 community; adoption of DIVOC for digital open credentialing for Sri Lanka’s Smart Vaccination Certificate for Covid-19; and the adoption of MOSIP as the platform for the upcoming Sri Lanka Unique Digital Identity (SLUDI) implementation can play a critical role in helping to achieve the DPGA’s mission and advance the DPG ecosystem overall.

The Ministry of Technology’s work aligns with that of the DPGA in the following ways, which will be included as part of the DPGA’s Annual Roadmap: The Ministry of Technology, Sri Lanka intends to;

  • take an open-source and DPG first approach in the digital government policy;
  • further the adoption of DHIS2 beyond health to other sectors;
  • adopt MOSIP to build its foundational digital public infrastructure for identity, and consider sharing source code, implementation learnings and best practices related to MOSIP with other countries;
  • share Sri Lanka’s knowledge and experience using DPGs in its digital government transformation with the global DPG community; and
  • create awareness on open-source and DPGs amongst ICT vendors to build capacity to serve the global demand for solutions requiring DPGs.

Being a member of the DPGA, and through the rapid adoption of open-source and DPG solutions, The Ministry of Technology expects to fast track the transformation of Sri Lanka into a digital economy. Further, as a member nation of the DPGA, The Ministry of Technology expects to help shorten other countries’ learning and adoption journeys of DPGs.