Under the e-population documentation program, Sri Lanka issued its first-ever digitized national birth certificate with a barcode on Tuesday (Dec.05).

The launch event was held under the patronage of State Minister of Home Affairs, Ashoka Priyantha at the Kalutara District Secretariat.

Addressing the event, the state minister said the initiative is expected to be expanded beyond Kalutara to other districts soon.

As per the international standards, the number included in this National Birth Certificate will be converted into National Identity Card (NIC) numbers later.

E-population program was introduced to achieve objectives of issuing a unique Personal Identification Number (PIN) at birth for all citizens.

It expects to build a consolidated set of basic information of every citizen of Sri Lanka and create an efficient and reliable life events registration system, increasing the information sharing with government institutions using the population register.

Further, it aims to provide more extensive analytical capability in relation to demographics and health statistics and increasing in coverage of recording life events.


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