President Ranil Wickremesinghe of Sri Lanka reiterated the nation’s steadfast commitment to ensuring the Freedom of Navigation in the Red Sea while minimizing adverse impacts on the country’s economy. The President emphasized these key points during a crucial meeting at the Presidential Secretariat, where he engaged with Ambassadors from ten Middle Eastern nations.

Addressing the assembled diplomats, President Wickremesinghe underscored Sri Lanka’s active participation in Red Sea security operations. The President’s remarks highlighted the nation’s dedication to preserving maritime navigation freedom, a crucial aspect for global trade, while simultaneously safeguarding its economic interests.

The discussions at the meeting covered a range of topics, showcasing Sri Lanka’s unwavering commitment to the two-state solution in Palestine. President Wickremesinghe, throughout the engagement, emphasized the importance of international cooperation and adherence to diplomatic resolutions for the stability and peace in the Middle East region.

Furthermore, President Wickremesinghe outlined Sri Lanka’s comprehensive foreign policy during the discussions. The President emphasized the nation’s strategic approach, focusing on strengthening diplomatic ties with Asia, West Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. This approach is in addition to the existing relations with Western nations, showcasing Sri Lanka’s dedication to fostering international relationships and contributing to regional stability.

The meeting at the Presidential Secretariat, which brought together diplomats from the Middle East, highlighted Sri Lanka’s proactive role in global affairs and its commitment to being a key player in diplomatic initiatives. The nation’s dedication to the principles of the Freedom of Navigation and regional stability reflects its broader vision for a peaceful and prosperous world.