Minister of Sports Harin Fernando states that he hopes to bring amendments to the prevailing Sports Act in the near future.

Speaking at an event organized by the Sri Lanka Anti-Doping Agency, the Sports Minister expressed that sports associations are the biggest problem for the Sports Ministry, mentioning that there is no time to focus on the issues of the players due to the issues of the relevant associations.

“I have been appointed to resolve this cricket issue”, he said.

Speaking further, Minister Fernando said that laws are available in the Anti-Corruption Act that enables to impose punishments to corruption related to the game of cricket.

“10 years imprisonment and even a Rs. 200 million fine can be imposed [over cricket corruption]”, the minister added. 

“In Pakistan, it is the Prime Minister who appoints the President of their cricket board. It is included within their sports law. Thus, the ICC cannot challenge a matter included in the sports law and say that it is political interference because it is the law.”

Meanwhile, he also expressed confidence that the ban imposed on Sri Lanka Cricket by the ICC will be lifted soon.

“Losing the Under 19 World Cup hosting rights is a huge loss. We could have developed the tourism industry further through that”, he added.