Special Police CID team deployed to monitor fake news and hate speech in social media

Police warn against Fake News & Hate Speech
Stop Fake News Say No to Hate Speech Always Fact Check Sri Lanka

Police urged social media users not to create, share or forward any fake news, fake posts / videos / rumours regarding Travel Restrictions, Coronavirus or Dengue eradication program. Special police team deployed to monitor and identify fake news and hate speech in internet and Social Media. Any attempt to create panic or anxiety among the public will not be tolerated and will be dealt with under the law.

Sri Lanka Police spokesman DIG Ajith Rohana warned public against circulating social media posts that create public panic over Travel Restrictions, COVID and Dengue programs. The DIG says special Police team deployed from today to monitor social media posts in cyber space. Special CID team is monitoring the social media posts over fake and hate news. Police spokesman further says these fake posts are creating panic among public and negatively impact / hampered government travel restrictions, dengue eradication program and COVID preventions programs. The Police would deal harshly with any attempt to smear any particular community or communities by way of circulating falsehoods and hate speech.

Last year, in Sri Lanka 17 suspects arrested by Police Criminal Investigations Department for spreading fake news on Coronavirus (COVID-19) through social media.

Recently Cabinet approved a proposal to bring legislation to protect against the spreading of false and misleading statements (Fake News) through Internet. The new legislation being drafted to curb false and misleading online posts on social media platforms could be detrimental to the freedom of expression says Free Media Movement.


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