According to the health officials, so far 11 pregnant mothers have died due to COVID19 in Sri Lanka. According to officials currently there are about 100 coronavirus infected pregnant women and about 50 coronavirus infected feeding mothers.

If a pregnant woman or breast feeding mother have below symptoms…
* Breathing difficulties
* Shortness of breath
* Fever
* Dry cough
* Tiredness
* Loss of taste or smell
* Sore throat

Stay at Home and Call Hotline Telephone 1999 or 1990 or Consult a Doctor immediately.

Deputy Director-General of Health Services Dr. Hemantha Herath said that pregnant women vaccinated program started from June 9 in Piliyandala area.

On May 5th, A pregnant woman infected with the coronavirus died while receiving treatments at the Colombo North teaching Hospital at Ragama and she was the first pregnant woman in the country to be diagnosed with coronavirus and died.

Last month 28-years pregnant woman from Kurunegala, Kobeygane died due to complications from COVID19 after Kurunegala hospital doctors successfully delivered her baby. As the woman’s condition was getting bad, she was admitted to Kurunegala hospital, there doctors had to do an emergency caesarean c-section, and were able to deliver the baby.

A pregnant woman reportedly died on June 22 at the Mawanella hospital. On June 22th, A 30-year old pregnant woman infected with the coronavirus died while receiving treatments at the Mawanella Hospital at Mawanella. This was the 8th pregnant woman died due to coronavirus.

Commissioner-General of Labour requests from Board Of Investment BoI to allow Pregnant Women to work from home WFH those who works in BoI zones. Department of Labour has requested that expectant mothers who are employed in the private sector be permitted to stay at home, given the prevailing COVID-19 pandemic situation.

Pregnant woman dies of COVID19 -Stay Safe !

Advice for pregnant women during COVID-19 via UNICEF web