“Seethawaka Odyssey”, the weekend special tourist train service which has been added to the operation in an effort to boost tourism, has commenced its operations this morning (Jan.15) from Colombo Fort Railway Station.

The special tourist train, which is operational on the Kelani Valley railway line, will run from Colombo Fort to the Waga Railway Station.

It has left the Colombo Fort Railway Station at around 7.00 a.m. today, while it has been scheduled to return from Waga Railway Station this afternoon.

A group including Minister of Transport Bandula Gunawardene were present at the inaugural journey of Seethawaka Odyssey.

Passengers onboard the ‘Seethawaka Odyssey’ will be able to witness a number of waterfalls including the Ranmudu Ella, Kumari Ella, and Goraka Ella, as well as a number of other tourist attractions including the Seethawaka Wet Zone Botanic Gardens.