A sum of Rs. 2 billion has been allocated from the 2024 Budget to resettle those who were displaced during the internal conflict between the Northern and Eastern provinces, President Ranil Wickremesinghe stated.

“Although 14 years have passed since the end of internal conflict in the North and Eastern provinces, some families are still homeless in those areas”, the Head of State said in this regard while delivering the 2024 Budget speech in Parliament this afternoon (13 Nov.).

President Wickremesinghe also proposed to allocate Rs. 500 million as an additional provision to speed up the housing programme and thereby provide essential relief to the families that remains homeless.

He further noted that compensations have been provided to 181 missing persons and victims affected by the said internal conflict, while another 170 persons will be compensated by the end of 2023.

“Preliminary work has been completed for more than 5,300 incidents out of the submitted requests, and Rs 1,500 million has already been allocated by the Appropriation Act. To expedite the payment of these compensations, I propose to allocate Rs. 1,000 million”, President Wickremesinghe said in this regard.

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