During last 24 hour (July 3) 9 deaths have been reported due to road traffic accidents in Sri Lanka. Most of victims were motorcycle riders & pillion riders. 5 motorcycle riders & pillion riders were among deaths and 3 pedestrian also died. According to Sri Lanka Police statistics about seven to eight people die each day earlier, but now it has changed up to eight to twelve. The police spokesman said it is possible to save those lives and requested the motorists to drive in strict accordance with the rules of the road and to drive carefully and attentively on the road. Police spokesman Senior DIG Ajith Rohana requests riders and drivers to check vehicle conditions (Brake / Signal Lights etc..) before drive / ride as vehicles were parked long period due to travel restrictions.

Police spokesman Senior DIG Rohana said that about 10 to 15 people were killed in road accidents every day during April month and that the number could be as high as 3,650 a year. Earlier it was 7 or 8 deaths and more than 80 persons suffer minor to moderate and severe injuries due to road traffic accidents.

According to the current statistics, most deaths are in the economically active age group of 18 to 45, which includes not only drivers but also passengers and pedestrians. Another identified factor is that three-wheelers, motorcycles and passenger transport buses are the highest involved vehicle categories in road accidents. 

Increase in Road Traffic Accidents in Sri Lanka.
* A road Accident in Sri Lanka every 10 minutes.
* Daily 8 Persons killed in Road Accidents.
* Every 3 days, Child dies of Road Accidents.
* Every 5 days, Person dies on Pedestrian Crossing.
* April month considered the highest number of road accidents reporting Month in Sri Lanka
* April 10th to 20th considered the highest number of road accidents reporting dates in Sri Lanka