Sri Lanka Police has increased the reward money awarded through the Police Reward Scheme for tip-offs leading to successful seizures of unauthorized firearms and hand grenades.

Accordingly, a generous amount of reward money is now offered to incentivize the police personnel and individual informants for their assistance in crackdown on the recent uptick in the number of crimes in the country.

The payments will be made for the unauthorized firearms and hand grenades taken into custody between June 25 and July 31. 

As per the communiqué, Rs. 250,000 is awarded as reward money to a police officer who seizes an unauthorized T-56 firearm along with the suspect who was in possession of it and to the individual informant who provides a tip-off on the firearm. A police officer who seizes only the firearm is awarded Rs. 200,000 while the informant will be given Rs. 250,000 even if no arrests are made.

For a tip-off on unauthorized pistols and revolvers, an informant will receive a reward of Rs. 250,000. If police officers make an arrest along with an unauthorized pistol or a revolver, they will receive Rs. 150,000 as reward money. However, if no arrests are made, Rs. 100,000 will be awarded.

Sri Lanka Police have set up a new hotline “1997” for the public to provide information on Poisonous Drugs, Organised Crime, Large Scale Environmental Damage and Ragging at Higher Education Institutions.