The Samagi Jana Blawegaya (SJB) today urged the authorities to return the deposit monies handed over by political parties and candidates contesting the local government elections.

SJB National Organizer Tissa Attanayake told a media briefing that it is illegal to use the funds which political parties and candidates have paid as deposits. 

“We see that the government is utilizing the funds which the parties and the candidates have deposited with the Elections Commission. This is illegal and therefore we request that these monies be returned to the candidates,” Mr. Attanayake said.  

“We will continue our demand for an election and request the government to hold an election and obtain a fresh mandate from the people,” he said at the same time.

Referring to reports that a group of SJB MPs are waiting for a signal from the President to cross over, the SJB National Organizer said SJB supporters at grassroot level are with the party though individuals may shift sides.

Attanayake predicted another economic crisis if the government goes ahead with its domestic debt restructuring. 

“We request the government to go slow with the domestic debt restructuring as hurried decisions will result in adverse situations where banks are concerned while the value of the deposits which are held by banks will also go down,” he said.

source daily mirror