Finance State Minister Shehan Semasinghe says the restrictions imposed on imported goods, except vehicles, will be lifted in October.

Addressing a conference in Anuradhapura, the lawmaker mentioned that import restrictions are currently maintained on 600 HS codes ((Harmonized System codes).

“By October, we will be able to lift the import restrictions on all these items except 270 HS codes for vehicles.”

The move will help price stabilization, Semasinghe explained. Due to these restrictions, he said an increase is observed in the prices of certain goods as there is not enough supply to meet the demand.

On August 14, the government, by way of a special gazette notification, eased the restrictions on importing public transport buses and special-purpose heavy vehicles including, tankers, bowsers and fire trucks.

Further, the government also decided to release heavy vehicles imported during the restricted period and still remain uncleared at ports.

This was the first time Sri Lanka rolled back the restrictions on imported vehicles that were imposed in March 2020. However, the import bans on passenger vehicles are unlikely to be lifted anytime soon.