In the aftermath of the decision to send Sri Lankan expatriate workers to Israel despite the conflict in the Gaza Strip, Minister of Labour Manusha Nanayakkara said that they are even prepared to send workers to Palestine, Russia or Ukraine, if those countries assured that there is adequate security for Sri Lankan workers.

The minister said that certain Members of Parliament have discussed sending Sri Lankan workers to Israel to enhance their support both within and outside the parliament.

Addressing the conflict between Israel and Palestine, the minister emphasised the country’s non-aligned foreign policy, condemning attacks on both sides in the past.

He stated, “When there were conflicts between Israel and Palestine when the Hamas organization came and killed and attacked Israeli civilians, we unanimously condemned it. Now we condemn the attacks on Gaza by Israel. As a country, we are neither on the side of Israel nor on the side of Palestine. We operate on a non-aligned foreign policy,” he said.

He clarified that the decision to send workers to Israel is based on an existing service agreement between Sri Lanka and Israel.

Furthermore, Minister Nanayakkara also highlighted the government’s priority of ensuring worker safety.

-daily mirror