The Irrigation Department has advised the public to exercise caution and use water sparingly.

Director General of Irrigation A. Gunasekara said that this call comes in the light of the dwindling water levels observed in rivers, which serve as crucial sources for pipe borne drinking water across the region.

“The current capacity of the water tanks stands at 50-60 percent, a level projected to further diminish with a prolonged absence of rainfall for the next two months,” he pointed out.

“In response to this situation, citizens are urged to use water sparingly and adopt water-saving practices in their daily routines,” Gunasekara added.

Meanwhile, Dr. Hemali Kothalawala, Director of the Department of Animal Production and Health, emphasized the need for special attention to be given to animals during this period of water scarcity.

In particular, she highlighted the importance of focusing on dairy cows to mitigate potential impacts on milk production.

Dr. Kothalawala stressed the significance of providing adequate water to animals as a crucial measure to prevent a decline in milk output and reduce the risk of dehydration among livestock.

According to the Department of Meteorology, mainly dry weather will prevail elsewhere in the island in the coming days.

Further, maximum temperature of 35.8°C was reported from Kurunegala.