It has been brought to notice that certain interested parties giving misleading and concocted interpretations and propagating baseless, unfounded and provocative allegations are attempting to discredit and tarnish the Army as well as its dedicated members serving across the Island.

As evident in the past few days, different interested elements and groups with vested interests are poised to insult the troops and speculate alleging that the troops are about to ” cause violence”, ” under training to assault”, etc, which are completely false, fabricated and baseless. As clearly seen, not a single trooper has to-date got involved in any of those tense situations.

Those malicious reports, largely in the Cyberspace, which also speak of corruption in a hospital due to their mere ignorance and lack of knowledge of Army tender procedures and well-structured and stipulated Advisory Boards of the Army claim that the organization has resorted to “corruption in a hospital”, a ridiculous allegation which is rejected outright by the Army as appalling and irrational.

Troops as everyone witnessed in the past few days, have NOT at all interfered with any of those peaceful protesters or organizations, NOR have they acted against the interests of the State as disciplined members of an organization which brought peace to this country through immense and invaluable sacrifices.

The Army very strongly and categorically deny those sinister moves and flatly reject those attempts, meant to bring disrepute to this organization and simultaneously urge the civic-conscious and right- minded citizens of this country to place the full confidence in the troops as it has been done in the past because current serving troops remain more trained, professionally- qualified and well-suited to take on any security challenge, in this scenario, ONLY if the Police call us to assist them.

Similarly, well-formulated and structured training modules in all camps continue unabated as part of the military training and this is nothing new or any preparation for violence as announced by some interested elements in media.

In view of these developments, the public is therefore urged NOT to be provoked or misled by those planned machinations and treacherous gestures as the Army is assuredly committed to safeguard the State and its people round the clock in conformity with the provisions in the Constitution. (Sri Lanka Army Media)