Instructions have been issued to the Inspector General of Police (IGP) and other senior police officers to take immediate and stern legal action against violent crimes committed in both the Western and Southern provinces. 

The relevant directive was issued by Public Security Minister Tiran Alles, during a special discussion with high-ranking police officers that took place on Wednesday (21 June). 

Accordingly, Alles ordered that expedited action be taken against those involved in murders and other violent crimes in the Western and Southern provinces, while highlighting that that no one will be allowed to exert undue influence over such operations, as per the confirmation received by President Ranil Wickremesinghe. 

Moreover, the Minister also in instructed to grant a grace period until 31 July to surrender all unauthorized and unlicensed firearms. 

Upon the expiry of this grace period, however, Minister Alles noted that raids will be conducted by the intelligence units of the police in order to seize such unauthorized and unlicensed firearms. 

During the discussion, IGP C. D. Wickramaratne attributed the recent spike in the number of murders and other violent crimes in the Western and Southern provinces to the inefficiency of certain senior police officers and the Officers-In-Charge (OIC) in these areas. 

Responding to this, Minister Alles ordered the immediate transfer of the relevant police personnel, and that suitable officers be appointed to those positions. 

source adaderana