Protests are happening across islandwide demanding fuel and gas.

Colombo – Horana Road blocked by protestors from the Piliyandala Filling Station demanding fuel. Meanwhile Nugegoda – Nawala Road obstructed by protestors from Nawala Filling Station demanding fuel. Galle – Matara Main Road obstructed by protestors from the Mirissa Filling Station demanding fuel.

Litro Gas Lanka says that around 80,000 gas cylinders would be delivered from today.

According to the Power and Energy Minister, Diesel and Petrol shipments have arrived to Sri Lanka.

“Another Diesel and a Petrol cargo will commence unloading tomorrow. Diesel have been disturbed to all fuel stations islandwide in the last 2 days and will continue distribution. Commenced distribution of Petrol 92 and 95 this morning and will continue to cover all fuel stations ” he said.

He further said that “It has been reported that organized groups are preventing fuel trucks to pass certain areas demanding they be unloaded at different fuel stations and threatening to set fire to them. If this continues we will have to suspend deliveries for the safety of the transport work force”.