The Association of Health Professionals has revealed that the automatic vaccination machine of the PET Scan machine worth Rs. 200 million at the Cancer Hospital in Maharagama, is not in use for over a period of one year, due to the non-availability of FDG chemical and connection tubes.

When inquired regarding the matter, Director of the Maharagama Cancer Hospital Dr. Aruna Jayasekara pointed out that apart from the automatic vaccinations with the PET Scan machine, other relevant tests are being carried out as usual through the machine.

The PET Scan machine is used to accurately identify the location of the cancer cells and treat it once an individual is diagnosed with cancer in a certain internal organ.

This machine was acquired by the Maharagama Cancer Hospital in 2018, with the assistance of collecting Rs. 200 million in funds together with the hospital and with the contributions of donors.
Later on, the hospital had purchased an automatic vaccination machine to inject the FDG chemical into the patients for the PET scans.

Meanwhile, the Government Medical Officers’ Association (GMOA) says that it will take at least two weeks to restore this machine and recommence its activities.

source adaderana