Parents accuse doctors of negligence over another untimely death


The parents of the 10-year-old boy who died while being treated at the Lady Ridgeway Hospital claim that the doctors failed to properly identify the disease the boy was suffering from during the time of admission.

According to the parents, the child who was suffering from a stomach ache was admitted to the District Hospital Dharga Town on Friday (29) and was later transferred to the Teaching Hospital – Kalutara the next morning due to the critical condition of the child.

“A doctor from the Kalutara Hospital told me that the child should undergo surgery while another doctor later told me that there was no need for a surgery,” the mother of the child said.

“However, the child was then transferred to the Lady Ridgeway Hospital, where he passed away Sunday morning,” she added.

The parents request the authorities to mete out justice as the death was due to medical negligence as they claimed.

source daily mirror


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