It was revealed at the Sectoral Oversight Committee on alleviating the impact of the economic crisis that one million jobs have been lost due to the collapse of the construction sector as a result of the economic crisis faced by the country.

This was revealed at a meeting of the Sectoral Oversight Committee attended by representatives of associations representing the small, medium and large-scale construction companies covering all provinces of Sri Lanka, architectural associations, various engineering associations, the Construction Industry Development (CIDA) Authority, and the Chamber of Construction Industry of Sri Lanka.

It was also revealed that due to the collapse of this sector, related institutions too have collapsed, their assets destroyed and professionals have left the country.

It was decided to focus the attention of the Ministry on the immediate lowering of the price of construction materials and to take possible measures with the intervention of the Ministry of Trade and Commerce and to summon government institutions and industry representatives before the committee according to the priorities identified before the next meeting.

source daily mirror

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