Laugfs Gas PLC, one of the two largest Liquefied Petroleum (LP) gas suppliers in the country has decided not to increase the prices of domestic LP gas cylinders for this month, despite the recent price hike carried out by the Litro Gas Company.

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Laugfs Gas PLC, Niroshan J. Pieries expressed that although the  prices of domestic LP gas cylinders are required to be increase in line with the price hike in the global market, the company decided to provide LP gas at the same prices as it was in October.

Accordingly, there will be no increase in Laugfs gas prices during this month, and the general public will be able to buy the Laugfs domestic gas cylinders at the same rates.

The prevailing prices of Laugfs domestic gas cylinders are as follows;

12.5kg cylinder – Rs. 3,985
5kg cylinder – Rs. 1,595


LAUGFS Gas price revision to be announced tomorow