Rs. 500 million already spent on elections

Despite statements made by the government, there is no legal barrier to holding elections, Executive Director of People’s Action for Free and Fair Elections (PAFFREL) Rohana Hettiarachchi said.

“The Supreme Court only postponed the hearing of the petition filed seeking the postponement of the local government elections, until May 11, 2023. Therefore there is no legal barrier for the Election Commission to hold polls,” he said.

However, in practical terms the government is blocking funds through circulars, causing a delay in polls, he said. “As citizens, it is regrettable that the people’s franchise was being ridiculed in Parliament by our leaders.

Meanwhile, some Rs. 500 million worth of public funds have already been spent for various election-related costs, Hettiarachchi charged. “If there is no election held, will the political leadership or the government officials take responsibility for wasting public funds in this manner?” he questioned.

Hettiarachchi also warned that if the polls are not held on March 9, the lower levels of government will be defunct, as the term of office of local government comes to an end on March 20.

source daily mirror

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