In a decisive move to optimize the operational and administrative costs within the Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB), Minister of Power and Energy, Kanchana Wijesekara, has issued a directive restricting the payment of annual bonuses, incentives, and salary increments to CEB employees for the year 2023 and any outstanding amounts from previous years.

This directive, stemming from prior instructions and policy decisions, reinforces the Ministry’s commitment to cost reduction initiatives. Notably, the longstanding practice of awarding a 25% salary increment every three years, in place since 2015, has also been discontinued.

Minister Wijesekara has further called for transparency in financial reporting by requesting a detailed report from CEB management. The report is expected to include information on the 21 various allowances and incentives paid to CEB officials in 2023, the method of disbursement, as well as details on the number of vehicles rented and allocated to individual CEB officials, along with corresponding rental amounts.

This move aligns with the Ministry’s overarching goal of fostering financial prudence and ensuring the sustainability of the Ceylon Electricity Board in the face of evolving economic challenges.