In a significant move to address the rising concerns of child abuse, the government is mulling a new syllabus for sex education in schools.

A senior official from Parliament told Daily Mirror that initial discussions in this regard were held at the Parliamentary Caucus for Children.

According to the official, the syllabus will be specifically tailored for different age groups starting from preschool, aiming to provide children with proper knowledge and understanding of important topics.

Meanwhile, highlighting the urgent need for comprehensive sex education, President of Parliamentary Caucus for Children MP Rohini Kumari Wijerathna emphasized that numerous problems have arisen due to a lack of proper education in this area.

By introducing the new syllabus, authorities hope to equip children with the necessary tools to navigate their own sexual health and relationships.

The introduction of the new sex education syllabus demonstrates a collective commitment to safeguarding children and promoting their well-being. As Sri Lanka continues to prioritize child protection, these initiatives mark a significant step forward in tackling the pressing issue of child abuse.

-daily mirror