New regulations issued for Grade 01 and A/L student admissions

Education Ministry News Sri Lanka
Education Ministry News Sri Lanka

New regulations pertaining to the admission of students to both, Grade 01 and the G.C.E Advanced Level classes, have been issued.

Accordingly, all Grade 01 admissions will be handled solely by the relevant schools henceforth, and will not be conducted by the Ministry of Education, the Ministry noted in a communiqué issued yesterday (12 Dec).

Further, students of the 2022 G.C.E Ordinary Level whose schools do not include their preferred stream for the A/L exam are now required to submit their applications to schools in which the relevant streams are available, and not to the Ministry.

Mid-semester admissions for the year have also been halted since 05 December, the circular noted, while mid-semester admissions for  the year 2023 will commence following the completion of the third term of the 2022 school year.

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