National Operation Center for the prevention of Covid19 introduced a new method for directing Covid19 infected persons to treatment centers or in-house management starting today within the Western Province.

  1. The new system is implemented using phone calls and text messages.
  2. Covid – 19 infected persons should submit following information via SMS to telephone number 1904.
    a. The condition of the disease
    I. Patients with respiratory distress – A
    Ii. Patients with fever – B
    iii. Patients without any symptoms – C
    b. Age
    C. National Identity Card No
    D. Address
  3. The information received through SMS will be forwarded by the National Operations Center for Prevention
    of Covid19 Outbreak to the medical teams to refer them to the relevant treatment centers.
  4. Information provided by patients is categorized. They will then be contacted via T.P. No 247 to determine
    the condition and refer them to treatment centers. (Ambulance services and other medical facilities will be
    provided )
  5. A medical team will be in constant contact with patients referred for home quarantine and will provide the
    services required. ((Telephone No. 1390 is reserved for providing these services.)