SLNS Sayurala on 29th February 2024 returned home after successfully participating in the multilateral naval exercise MILAN 2024. The naval exercise, hosted by the Indian Navy, was held from 19th to 27th February in the Visakhapatnam Port and in the Bay of Bengal, eastern seas of India.

MILAN-2024 had been organized as two phases and the Harbour Phase of it was conducted at the Visakhapatnam Port from 19th to 23rd February. In this segment, the crew of SLNS Sayurala participated in various events organized to further enhance cooperation and friendship among the participating stakeholders. Accordingly, SLNS Sayurala crew participated in the International City Parade and opened a stall of local cuisine. The Navy Band and Cultural Troupe also enthralled the viewers with their dazzling performances on these occasions. Further, Flag Officer Commanding Naval Fleet, Rear Admiral Chandima Silva and Commanding Officer SLNS Sayurala, Captain Darshana Amarakoon met with some senior officers of foreign navies and held cordial discussions. They also exchanged mementos signifying the importance of those occasions.

Meanwhile, the Sea Phase of MILAN-2024 was held from 24th to 27th February in the eastern seas of India. A total of 34 ships, aircraft and one submarine participated in this phase. The Sea Phase included advanced and complex exercises and it aimed at enhancing interoperability, maritime cooperation and share best practices amongst participating navies. Weapon firings, advanced anti-submarine warfare exercises, cross deck helicopter landings, simulation of complex operational scenarios and tactical manoeuvres were also exercised during the Sea Phase.

Engaging in these naval exercises will enable the Sri Lanka Navy to enhance cooperation with regional and extra-regional navies and other partners interested in maritime security. These activities provide opportunities to share best practices, strategies, and experiences, and to collectively address new challenges.