Minister of Power and Energy Kanchana Wjiesekera has assured that there is no shortage of petroleum products at filling stations.

Taking to Twitter, the Minister stated that there is no shortage of Petrol Octane 95 or any other petroleum products at filling stations owned by both the Ceylon Petroleum Corporation (CPC) and the Lanka-India Oil Corporation (LIOC).

Revealing that the daily requirement of Petrol Octane 95 stands at a rough total of around 80 – 100 MT islandwide, Wijesekera confirmed that there are adequate stocks available at all filling stations.

He further noted that all orders placed thus far will be distributed, albeit highlighting that no fuel deliveries will be made on Sunday.

Wijesekera also disclosed the stock details of petroleum products at all CPC and Ceylon Petroleum Storage Terminal Ltd (CPSTL) plants as at 06:30 p.m. today (18 June), which are as follows; Diesel – 103.087 MT, Super Diesel – 2,977 MT, Petrol Octane 92 – 53,632, Petrol Octane 95 – 601 MT and Jet A1 fuel – 37,316 MT.

Meanwhile, a shipment carrying 9,000 MT of Petrol Octane 95 is due to arrive on 22 June.