Measures underway to reduce number of public servants – Bandula

Government Employees Sri Lanka
Government Employees Sri Lanka

Measures are currently underway to reduce the number of employees in all government institutions, Cabinet Spokesman Bandula Gunawradena stated.

Speaking at this morning’s (31  Jan.) Cabinet briefing, the Minister stated that a system of self-retirement, too, is currently in effect for all those employees deemed ineffective.

He noted that the decision was being taken in accordance with the instructions given by the Treasury to all Ministries to curtail their expenses in all departments, adding that the ministerial secretaries are bound by the relevant circular issued in this regard.

Earlier today (31 Jan.), President Ranil Wickremesinghe too, instructed all relevant authorities to curtail Government expenditure, as the revenue for the month of January 2023 is far below the monthly expenditure estimate.

He also noted that the Treasury too, is finding it challenging to meet all current expenditures, except those payments related to salaries, pensions, welfare, pharmaceuticals and debt servicing.

source Adaderana

Government Employees Sri Lanka


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