Even though the dairy industry in the country had declined, the local production of milk has increased again, Agriculture Minister Mahinda  Amaraweera said when he met the heads of the government-owned dairy companies.

During the past six months the National Livestock Development Board has increased its production of milk to 2,599,617 litres and Milco Company to 19,152,766 litres. The companies pointed out that this amount is a 30 percent increase compared to last year.

The production of liquid milk in the country is high and the authorities of these companies requested the minister to stop the import of milk powder.

However, the Minister instructed the officials of the Livestock Division of the Ministry of Agriculture to prepare a report as soon as possible regarding the increase in liquid milk production in the country and to submit it to him.

The report will be submitted to the Cabinet and further decisions will be taken regarding the import of milk powder, he said.

source daily mirror