As domestic egg production has exceeded the total daily requirement, the price of an egg is likely to be below Rs. 35 during the coming festive season.

During a discussion held at the Agriculture Ministry on March 29 regarding the price of chicken and eggs during the festive season, Minister Mahinda Amaraweera said the current price of an egg in the local market is Rs.42 to Rs.48.

First batch of imported eggs to arrive in Sri Lanka tomorrow

“Some people and groups have issued various statements to the media that the price of a local chicken egg will increase to Rs.100 during April or the Sinhala and Tamil New Year festival season.

“However, due to the long-term policy decisions taken by the Ministry, domestic egg production has now exceeded the total daily requirement, he said.

“On average, the daily requirement of eggs in this country is 6.5 million. According to the Association of Egg Producers, the production of eggs in local poultry farms has already exceeded 7.5 million.

“Also, although the number of mother hens needed annually in this country is 85,000, the number of mother hens in all poultry farms has exceeded 135,000. All poultry farms have completed 100 percent chick capacity.

“Meanwhile, all the poultry farms that were closed during the Covid-19 pandemic are now active,” said Amaraweera, adding that steps will be taken to supply chicken and eggs to the market without any shortage, especially during the Sinhala and Tamil New Year season, and consumers will have the opportunity to get chicken meat and eggs at a minimum price.