Let The Nations Hear Us Roar – Lion Nation Sports Network Launch

Lion Nation Sports Network LNSN launched mobile app
Lion Nation Sports Network LNSN launched mobile app

Sri Lanka’s first sporting app Lion Nation Sports Network launched its mobile app and re-launched recently at Hilton Residences. The event was graced by National Sports Council Chairman Arjuna Ranatunghe and others from various fields.

LNSN is the first Sri Lankan sporting app that will feature the latest happenings from the global and local sporting arenas.  The app will allow the user to experience all the sporting events, from discussions with experts to match reviews and highlights from your favorite sport.

Founder of Lion Nation Sports Network, a prominent sports journalist Karuppiah Ramakrishnan, who has extensively worked for promoting Sri Lankan sport locally and internationally, had mapped out this launch of the app and relaunch of the website almost two years ago. Due to the covid pandemic and the county’s situation, it took a backseat, yet Ram was determined to get it going.

Lion Nation Sports Network LNSN launched mobile app

“Our aim is to promote sports from the grass roots level through the first ever mobile app in Sri Lanka. We want to highlight sports events happening in villages around the country to the city with emphasis on school sporting activities,” said Founder and Managing Director of LNSN Karuppiah Ramakrishnan at the gala launch.

“This is a historic day for Lion Nation Sports Network which has launched three digital applications – the e-paper, website and mobile app. We have shown how technology can be incorporated to bring the world of sports to your fingertips. Sri Lanka is well known for many sports apart from cricket. There are many talented athletes. Through LN Sports digital platform, we want to showcase their stories to the world by live streaming of sports events as well,” said LNSN Director Kinthusan Thevakumar, a successful UK-based entrepreneur.

Former Sri Lanka captain Arjuna Ranatunga said by developing the first ever mobile sporting app, LNSN had created something the country badly needed. “I don’t have much knowledge or am not an expert about technology but we have to keep pace with developments in the world. LN Sports mobile app has filled that long felt need,” he said.

It is great to be in Sri Lanka for the launch, I know Ram for many years and he is constantly traveling related sports and promoting Sri Lanka sports, and helping those to get opportunities through sports.  I admire Sri Lanka and its people, as the country has been through so much in the past few months. Many are migrating, and people like Ram decided to stay back to help rebuild the country. Wishing all those at LNSN all the best.

Dr Amal Harsha de Silva, Secretary of the Ministry of Sports, noted that LN Sports has filled a vacuum by producing the first ever mobile sports app. “Today we want to know what’s happening in sports instantly, a ball-by-ball description of events. LN Sports digital app will fill a major gap in the sporting arena today by giving life to the sport,” he said.


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