The Laugfs Gas PLC has also decided not to revise the prices of domestic liquefied petroleum (LP) gas cylinders.

This was assured by the Group Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the company, Niroshan J. Peiris while joining a press conference held on Aug 04.

LAUGFS Gas price revision to be announced tomorow

This means that a 12.5kg domestic gas cylinder will be sold at Rs. 3,690 and a gas cylinder weighing 5kg at Rs. 1,476 in the month of August as well.

Similarly, earlier today, the Litro Gas Company announced that the prices of liquefied petroleum (LP) gas cylinders will not be increased today despite the price hike in the world market.

However, Litro Gas Lanka was slated to announce its price revision of domestic LP gas cylinders today, as part of the monthly price revision based on the pricing formula.

Litro Gas has announced four consecutive price reductions thus far this year, and following last month’s price revision, the price of a 12.5kg cylinder was brought down to Rs. 2,892 and a 5kg cylinder to Rs. 1,198.