A massive volume of crystal methamphetamine (commonly known as ‘Ice’) and heroin has been intercepted in the seas off the southern coast of Sri Lanka.

More than 200 kilograms of heroin and ‘ice’ were taken into custody on Wednesday (Dec 14) in a joint operation conducted by Sri Lanka Navy, Police Narcotics Bureau (PNB) and State Intelligence Service.

Naval vessel SLNS Samudura which was engaged in a days-long operation off Dondra Head, the southernmost point in Sri Lanka, had observed a suspicious multi-day trawler.

Upon inspecting the trawler, more than 200 kilograms of heroin and ‘ice’ was found and a group of locals who were aboard the vessel was taken into custody.

Meanwhile, another multi-day trawler, which was providing fuel to the other vessel, was also intercepted along with six locals.

The arrestees, the two multi-day trawlers and the consignment of drugs are being brought ashore for further investigations, the navy said in a statement.


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