The Ministry of Education has disclosed the examination dates for the upcoming academic year, providing clarity for students.

G. C. E. O/L Examinations (2023): May 6th to May 15th

The General Certificate of Education Ordinary Level (G. C. E. O/L) examinations for the year 2023 is scheduled to commence from May 6th to May 15th.

Grade 5 Scholarship Exam (2024): September 15th

Attention is drawn to the Grade 5 students and their parents as the Grade 5 Scholarship Exam for 2024 is slated for September 15th.

G. C. E. A/L Examinations (2023): November 25th to December 20th

The General Certificate of Education Advanced Level (G. C. E. A/L) examinations will span from November 25th to December 20th, 2024.

The timetable has NOT so far released and will be made available on the website once it is finalized and ready for distribution. Students awaiting the release of the examination timetable can access it through the official website of the Department of Examinations at